St Vincent's Curran Foundation

In Australia, 1 in 4 Australians suffer from a lung condition. St Vincent's Hospital staff are committed to helping patients with lung disease live long and healthy lives. To achieve this, they require funding to develop innovative procedures and conduct ground breaking research. 

In its quest to deliver excellent healthcare for all people, the St Vincent’s Curran Foundation seeks to bridge government funding gaps for St Vincent’s Hospitals and facilities in New South Wales. The generous support of individuals, community groups and businesses allows our doctors and nurses at St Vincent’s to deliver exceptional patient care, conduct innovative medical research and provide clinical education.

The St Vincent's Curran Foundation has established the $15 million St Vincent's Heart Lung Innovation Fund to support this crucial work. A generous ongoing gift from the Vidor family and donation from the Bluesand Foundation to the Heart Lung Innovation Fund, has enabled the development for the St Vincent’s Lung Health website.

This resource which will provide people worldwide with up to date and expert information relating to lung disease, and material to assist patients to better understand their treatment and patient journey.

Donate today to the Heart Lung Innovation Fund to help St Vincent's Hospital Sydney stay at the forefront of lung technology.