Overview - Procedures and Treatments

Procedures and treatments help to diagnose, treat and manage your lung condition. Sometimes, procedures help to give your doctor more information about your lung condition.

There are many different types of procedures and treatments for lung disease. Depending on the severity of your lung condition, you may need more than one procedure or treatment.

Respiratory Procedures and Treatments

Bronchoscopy and Endobronchial Ultrasound (EBUS)

A bronchoscopy is a procedure that allows your doctor to look at your airways and lungs.

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A bullectomy is surgery to remove air pockets in the lungs.

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Chest Drain

A chest drain empties air, blood or fluid from the space surrounding your lungs, called the pleural space.

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The ECMO machine provides life support to the body when a person’s heart or lungs are too sick to do the job. ECMO is for people with extremely severe lung or heart disease.

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High Flow Oxygen Therapy

High flow oxygen therapy delivers oxygen, through nasal prongs, at higher than normal flow rates of traditional oxygen therapy. This therapy is sometimes used for people who are in respiratory distress.

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Lung Transplant

A lung transplant is surgery to replace one or both of your lungs with lungs from a donor.

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A non-invasive ventilation (NIV) machine provides extra support while you breathe.

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Pleurodesis is a procedure that sticks your lung to your chest wall.

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Pulmonary Angiogram

A pulmonary angiogram is a test that looks closely at your blood vessels in your lungs to see if they are narrowed or blocked.

Pulmonary Endarterectomy

A pulmonary endarterectomy is an operation to remove old blood clots and scar tissue from the pulmonary arteries in the lungs.

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Pulmonary Wedge Resection

A pulmonary wedge resection is surgery to remove a small, wedge-shaped (triangular) piece of lung tissue.

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In a right heart catheter procedure, a catheter is passed into a vein in your neck or groin to measure the pressure in your heart and lungs.

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VATS Lobectomy

A VATS (video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery) lobectomy is surgery to remove a lobe from your lung.

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