Telehealth appointments are offered in many St Vincent's Hospital clinics and programs. This means that you can attend your appointment from your home, local GP or health service.

If you live in a regional or rural area, this may be a suitable option for your appointments. 

What is a telehealth appointment?

A telehealth appointment is just like any other outpatient appointment, except it happens over the phone or online rather than face to face. It's similar to Face Time, Zoom or Skype. 

All consultations done via telehealth are private and secure and won't be recorded. Notes will be taken during the consultation and will be entered into your medical record as usual.

What are the benefits of a telehealth appointment?

The main benefit of telehealth is being able to access health professionals without needing to travel far. 

By using telehealth you will:

  • Save travel time to your appointments
  • Save on accommodation costs
  • Access medical care without leaving your home.

What do I need for a telehealth appointment?

To get started you will need the following:

  • a computer (desktop or laptop), digital tablet or smartphone
  • a web-camera - built-in or USB
  • a microphone and speakers - usually built in to most computers
  • reliable internet connection
  • Google Chrome - it is FREE to download and install

How to I attend a telehealth appointment?

Follow the instructions below to connect to your telehealth appointment.

Begin these instructions 5 minutes before your appointment time.

Using a computer

  1. Click on - using Google Chrome
  2. Enter your full name and click continue - you will see your image in the next screen and when you speak a green bar will move to show that your sound and camera are working properly
  3. Select the video button Type the Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) number into the 'Search to Call' box in the top right - the VMR number is provided to you and can be found on your appointment letter Click the Join button - this will take you to your virtual waiting area
  4. Wait - for your clinician to connect with you.

Using a smartphone or tablet

  1. Download the FREE Pexip Infinity Connect app - onto your device
  2. Enter your full name and click OK - you will see your image in the window
  3. Select the video button
  4. Click on the 'Search to Call' box and enter your Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) number followed by - example
  5. Click the Join button - this will take you to your virtual waiting area
  6. Wait - for your clinician to connect with you.